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Trouble in Paradise Tim & Will

Our debut album, 'Malignant' was released in 2019, with the follow-up sister album 'Benign' slated for release in summer 2023. 

Triple ThreatTrouble in Paradise
00:00 / 04:07
AmphibiousTrouble in Paradise
00:00 / 03:52
Out of the BlueTrouble in Paradise
00:00 / 05:41

Trouble in Paradise formed in Bath in 2014 and have steadily been honing a unique style in the years since. Consisting of members Tim and Will, the music of Trouble in Paradise is a fruitful paradox of simultaneous unity and duality. With moments of crushing menace balanced against decadent sweetness, Trouble in Paradise will always keep you guessing, and hungry for more.

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Phone: 07500068625

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